Donation Status Report

We appreciate our community, KXLY, Bridge Press Cellars, Shotzy's on Pines & Swell Coffee, our church (ONE*) and our countless friends and family who have surrounded us and helped us get Caleb this treatment.  THANK YOU!

Caleb only needed one week at Cognitive FX! We were able to fundraise for all but $3,400 of his treatment. 

We took a loan to cover the remaining amount that was needed in order to get his treatment paid for. We had hoped to conduct one final fundraising drive to help cover this loan amount and just did not have the bandwidth to do it. Any donations toward this effort are greatly appreciated. 


How to Donate

Caleb's Provo4Caleb
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Any Spokane Teachers Credit Union Branch

Reference the 

Provo4Caleb Fund

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Caleb's PayPal link that goes directly to his STCU Fund.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. We would love to hear from you.

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