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The Story Behind Caleb's Design

Caleb's design was inspired initially by a desire to create a LinkedIn profile for him.

He hasn't necessarily found a "fit" within the standard educational model and has driven head first into learning well beyond what any school has ventured to teach him. And so... a LinkedIn profile was spun up to spotlight his skills.

Prior to obtaining his GED in August 2019, his high school enrolled him in an online program. Upon obtaining access, he promptly began blazing through about a year and a half of high school every month. Administrators quickly became concerned that he would burn himself out... Caleb on the other hand was feeling challenged for the first time in his life. His preferred method of learning does not incorporate any form of repetitive curriculum. Competency-based programs seem to be best whereby he is allowed to study at his own pace.

Caleb's design essentially represents his interests. Beyond these interests, you will find a deeply compassionate and generous young man who makes everyone smile just about everywhere he goes.

Computers & Programming

Caleb is very interested in technology. Those who are knowledgeable in this realm understand that ones and zeros are the foundation of all data when we boil things down. And so you will see a circuit board design with ones and zeros as the background image for his brain. This pattern repeats itself in the lines flowing across the design which extends from Caleb's "Geek Boy" type logo.

Starting at about the age of nine, Caleb took on an interest in programming languages and promptly embarked upon learning approximately seven or eight various programming languages. In fifth grade he joined the robotics team at his school and began putting to use his programming skills. Currently he is dabbling in cyber security and artificial intelligence. His favorite programming language he feels the most proficient in is Python.


Scattered among the ones and zeros and lines you will find a number of spoken languages. Caleb's interests in linguistics began in early 2017. He has dabbled in approximately 24 different languages by now and enjoys what is called "Conlanging" or "Constructed Languages". He currently has a hand full of his own creations and continues to work on these as time permits. The various spoken languages featured in his design are the ones he is most proficient in and currently focused on.


Music is a passion and an outlet for Caleb. Currently he plays the Cajon (a box drum of sorts) and Bass Guitar. He hopes to eventually get a drum kit and learn to play that as well. Caleb plays music and sings with his singer/songwriter sister, Jena Rhys. Most recently he has picked up playing the piano and acoustic guitar.


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